Table Mountain to Untamed Wilderness

South Africa, Namibia

9 Days | 8 Nights

Table Mountain to Untamed Wilderness

Cape Town and Namibia - 8 Day Exclusive

Combining Cape Town, South Africa, with a visit to Namibia offers a diverse and captivating experience for travellers seeking both urban vibrancy and raw natural beauty.

Starting in Cape Town, you’ll encounter a city nestled between the ocean and the iconic Table Mountain. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage, vibrant plant based food scene, and diverse neighbourhoods. From Wine tours to whale watching there is everything for the adventure seeking.

From Cape Town, a journey to Namibia presents a stark contrast in landscapes and experiences. The Namib Desert, with its towering red dunes in Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, provides an otherworldly experience, perfect for sunrise or sunset photography.

Skeleton Coast, witness shipwrecks, and discover the unique desert-adapted wildlife that thrives in this harsh environment. The Etosha National Park in northern Namibia beckons with its abundant wildlife, providing an opportunity for exceptional safari experiences.

Combining Cape Town and Namibia allows travellers to delve into the diversity of cultures, landscapes, and experiences—immersing themselves in the cosmopolitan energy of a vibrant city and the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Namibia’s deserts, canyons, and wildlife reserves.

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